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Some lunchtime thoughts.

If I were to attempt to understand the love of God, to first fathom the span of the universe would be a good first step. To acknowledge the difference between myself and an ant might be a good starting point.  But then … Continue reading

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Reading your Bible without missing the point (part 1): prescriptive versus descriptive.

I’ve decided to offer a few thoughts about some of the ways that those in my theological tradition often read the Bible.  I realize this might be a touchy subject.  Some readers, if they are thoughtful, might be challenged about … Continue reading

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Tubby time.

Grandmas, this is for you:

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Small groups.

In 1905, John Vincent (a leader in the movement we call “Sunday School”) made a prediction about the future of his movement: “In the future the Sunday school will be less like a school and more like a home.  Its … Continue reading

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Not of this world.

One of Jesus’ most telling moments has to be in John 18, verse 36.  He’s standing before Pilate who literally holds Jesus’ life in his hands, and Jesus has the audacity to say, “My kingdom is not of this world. … Continue reading

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Parenting Emerging Adults: Myths and Realities

 This is an assignment I had to do for my master’s program.  I’m certainly no expert in parenting young adults, but maybe someone will find this helpful.  So here ya go! Parenting Emerging Adults: Myths and Realities I’ve never parented … Continue reading

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Staircase is such a slippery word.

Today I’ve been fascinated with words.  They’re amazing, aren’t they? We all bring different understandings, biases, and experiences to the table every time we interpret a word.  We each have a different “lens.” For example, suppose I walk a room … Continue reading

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Thank you, rock. For me, you are sanctuary. The sound of rushing water reminds me of my Lord, who has the power to calm the raging sea and my turbulent soul as well. The crispness of the air this morning … Continue reading

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