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Were not our hearts burning within us?

It’s early Sunday morning, and two followers of Jesus of Nazareth are walking down the familiar road to Emmaus.  They were discussing “everything that had happened,” undoubtedly involving the tragic death of the man they had placed their hope and … Continue reading

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Not of this world.

One of Jesus’ most telling moments has to be in John 18, verse 36.  He’s standing before Pilate who literally holds Jesus’ life in his hands, and Jesus has the audacity to say, “My kingdom is not of this world. … Continue reading

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If it weren’t true, it might be offensive. To suggest that God became a human.  Sadly, people have been punished for suggesting things that are even less bold. Christmas.  The birth of Jesus.  But it’s so much more than that.  … Continue reading

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Gimme some ears!

Imagine this scene: you’re out with a group of friends.  You’re all sitting around a table at a restaurant, and pretty soon someone pipes up with a new joke they’ve recently heard.  You listen intently, drawn in as they tell … Continue reading

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My weakness.

Jesus, you said that foxes have holes and birds have nests, but you have no where to lay your head. Last night I slept in a queen sized bed. You were among the poorest of the poor. I have two … Continue reading

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For Lent.

I’m pretty sure that every society has memories.  These memories work to bring identity to the people.  They give the the people stories, commonality, and are foundational in forming their culture.  Memories help give cultures their flavor.  Today, in both … Continue reading

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Hey mean religious people, relax!

Humans are forgetful.  Either that, or we’re just easily distracted.  Whenever a movement comes along and good stuff is happening, I think it usually just takes a few generations (sometimes much less) before we’ve gone and forgotten the entire point. … Continue reading

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