If it weren’t true, it might be offensive.

To suggest that God became a human.  Sadly, people have been punished for suggesting things that are even less bold.

Christmas.  The birth of Jesus.  But it’s so much more than that.  So much deeper and richer and mysterious and powerful.  Things aren’t supposed to work that way.  Butterflies don’t choose to turn back into caterpillars.  Birds don’t choose to clip their wings.  Humans don’t decide to live like worms.  And God isn’t supposed become a human.

But apparently not.  Apparently this God does.  And things have never been the same.

Because it seems that this God has a keener interest in us humans than we could have ever imagined.  Laws – these were proof enough of his love.  He did not leave us of forsake us – he gave us his presence and his words.  He gave us his law.  And we are blessed for it.

But this is something much more than a little help in a time of need.  He gave us himself.  He became one of us.  And not temporarily….permanently.  He is a man.  Forever.  We could not have imagined that he had this sort of interest in us.

And apparently we are more valuable than we realized.  He took away our excuses.  “I’m only human.”  Only human?  If by only human you mean, “only the divine image bearing creation of the most high God, member of the very race he joined,” then fine, but let’s reexamine our standards here.

Like I said, if it weren’t true, it might be offensive.

But no need to be offended tonight.  Merry Christmas.

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