Thank you, rock.
For me, you are sanctuary.
The sound of rushing water reminds me of my Lord, who has the power to calm the raging sea and my turbulent soul as well.
The crispness of the air this morning brought with it a sobering thought: our days together are numbered.  Soon it will be cold and I’ll make the trek from my office much less often.  Nonetheless, I’m thankful for what I’ve learned while sitting on you.
The temptation today is to be like a waterfall.  Always moving, constantly doing, never stopping, always noisy.  And it’s true, people will drive for miles to see waters rage.
But no one ever wants to swim in them.
Thank you for helping me learn the value of tranquility, stillness, depth, and intimacy.  
It’s not that it’s always easy.  You are my Paniel – the place where I wrestle with God and where God breaks my hip.  The place where I meet with God, and yet my life is spared.  I often walk away limping.
We have several more days together, but our days our numbered.  I’ll have to find sanctuary indoors.  But I’ll be back when the ice melts and the earth is restored.  And it will be sweet.
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