My wife has stepped into the world of mothering with as much grace and beauty as when she stepped into my life over 7 years ago.
She’s a great teacher.  She’s a wonderful childrens ministry director.  She’s an amazing dancer.  But I’ve never seen anything bring her as much joy as being a mom.  There have never been more smiles in our house before.
It’s fun to see people’s gifts and passions intersect.  Now, I get to see that every day.
Her proclivity toward mothering was obvious before Bella was even born.  Heck, it was that way in the delivery room too.  I understand that some women hurl expletives at their husbands.  Well, my wife quoted scripture at me.
I love walking into a room and catching her reading a story or having a conversation or laughing about something with her daughter.  Those two are going to be best friends.
We don’t know much about parenting.  But it makes me feel much better knowing that at least one of us was born for this.  
Yes, that would be her.
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