In water and in fire.

We preach, as much as possible,
both by day and by night,
in houses and in fields,
in forests and wastes,
hither and yon,
at home or abroad,
in prison and in dungeons,
in water and in fire,
on the scaffold and on the wheel,
before lords and princes,
through mouth and pen,
with possessions and blood,
with life and death.

We have done this these many years,
and we are not ashamed of the Gospel of the glory of Christ.
For we feel His living fruit and patience and willing sacrifices
of our faithful brethren and companions in Christ Jesus.
We could wish that we might save all mankind
from the jaws of hell,
free them from the chains of their sins,
and by the gracious help of God
add them to Christ by the Gospel of His peace.
For this is the true nature of the love which is of God.

-Menno Simons, 1544

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