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My wife has stepped into the world of mothering with as much grace and beauty as when she stepped into my life over 7 years ago. She’s a great teacher.  She’s a wonderful childrens ministry director.  She’s an amazing dancer.  … Continue reading

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Incarmissional emergenistic neo-orthodox liberganic fundagelicalism.

It’s happened to me lots of times.  I’m in a room with some passionate Christians.  Issues of faith inevitably come up, and spiritual opinions and insights are rampant.  The conversation remains agreeable for about 2 to 4 minutes.  Just enough … Continue reading

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In water and in fire.

We preach, as much as possible,both by day and by night,in houses and in fields,in forests and wastes,hither and yon, at home or abroad,in prison and in dungeons,in water and in fire,on the scaffold and on the wheel,before lords and … Continue reading

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Quenching the Spirit 101.

I want my life to exhibit God’s power working, not my own.  All too often, though, I get in His way.  I was reflecting on some ways that this happens.  Here are a few of them: 1.  My service to … Continue reading

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Gimme some ears!

Imagine this scene: you’re out with a group of friends.  You’re all sitting around a table at a restaurant, and pretty soon someone pipes up with a new joke they’ve recently heard.  You listen intently, drawn in as they tell … Continue reading

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Level 5 leadership.

During my drive to Indiana I had the opportunity to listen to Jim Collin’s bestselling book “Good to Great.”  In it, he explores how and why some companies are able to suddenly explode with market success – and maintain that … Continue reading

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Why Education?

I’m sitting in a dorm room in Indiana, miles away from my family.  Really, all I want to do is hold my baby.  I’m here to take a class as I progress toward earning the elusive “Master of Divinity” degree.  … Continue reading

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