My weakness.

Jesus, you said that foxes have holes and birds have nests, but you have no where to lay your head.

Last night I slept in a queen sized bed.

You were among the poorest of the poor.

I have two cars and a house, which puts me among the wealthiest to ever live.

Your word says that you willingly “took our weaknesses and bore our diseases.”

I work diligently to preserve my own life.

You were mocked, spit on, tortured.

I experience none of those things.

You consoled the poor and hurting while you demanded justice from those on top.

Much of my life has been spent managing my reputation.
Jesus, if one of your disciples from ages ago met me today, would they recognize me as their brother in Christ?   

You say that your power is made perfect in my weakness.  Well, Lord, there’s a whole lot of weakness here, so feel free to unleash some of that power!

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